From Farm to Plate,
LivFarms Delivers Freshness That Lasts.


Freshness From
Your Phone

What’s fresher than watching your produce grow? Now, smart consumers like you can access your lettuce’s journey through your phone: view when your lettuce seedling was planted and harvested, check out its nutritional information, or see for yourself through a live video feed that quality isn’t just a word we use, but a practice that runs deep in our roots.

Curious About Your Lettuce’s Journey?
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Unparalleled Freshness

At our core, we stand for real food. With our hydroponic growing methods, we
return produce to its purest form. In our protected facilities, lettuce thrives
without any additives – ensuring a safe, wholesome culinary experience for
your entire family.


Why Choose LivFarms’
Lettuce Over Others?

Long Lasting Freshness

LivFarms lettuce stays fresh longer in your refrigerator due to our state-of-the-art advanced cultivation and harvest methods for optimal nutrient absorption.

Fresher Than Field-Grown

Using growing techniques aided by artificial intelligence, we create the ideal environment for your lettuce to grow. You can count on quality from LivFarms lettuce with every plant no matter the season.

Peak Freshness At Your Table

LivFarms lettuce is harvested at peak freshness, and since we’re locally grown, arrives to your table quicker while reducing its carbon footprint.

Ensuring Food Safety
with Assurance

Our controlled environment and sealed food packaging minimize the risk of pests and diseases contaminating your lettuce. We’re confident that our practice of minimal human processing means a decrease in food borne illness.

Experience Exceptional
Nutritional Value and Taste

Abundant in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, LivFarms lettuce offers potential health benefits and an exquisite flavor profile achieved through advanced cultivation.

Freshness Like
Nature Intended

With no GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, or additives –you can be sure LivFarms lettuce is 100% all-natural and delicious.

Unleash Your
Culinary Creativity

At LivFarms, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the way you think about lettuce. It’s not just a side salad; it’s the main attraction! Whether you’re craving a fresh twist on classics or bold new flavors, our lettuce can do it all. Step into The Kitchen to browse our video recipes and explore a world of delicious possibilities.