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We understand that knowing the story behind your food is important to you. That’s why we’ve made it effortless for you to access this information. By scanning the QR code on your LivFarms lettuce packaging, you’ll gain a deeper connection to the very roots of your meal.

This transparency isn’t just about being informed; it’s about building trust. With LivFarms, you can feel confident in the freshness and quality of every leaf, as we empower you to make informed choices for yourself and your loved ones.

Reimagination + Innovation =


At LivFarms, our journey began with a simple yet ambitious mission: to cultivate exceptionally crisp and nutritionally-enriched lettuce, harvested at the peak of freshness, and swiftly delivered to your marketplace. To realize this vision, we recognized the need for a complete reimagining of how lettuce is grown. In this pursuit, we uncovered the untapped potential of merging innovative technology with hydroponic growing methods, a groundbreaking fusion that has enabled us to surpass all our goals.


Growing Perfect Lettuce Without Soil

Hydroponics, a groundbreaking agricultural method, challenges conventional soil-based farming by nurturing plants without soil. Instead, it relies on a water-based system infused with essential nutrients. Hydroponic vertical farming takes this a step further, employing a gravity-fed, vertical growing setup for plant cultivation. The advantages are significant, including substantial water conservation with up to 90% less water use compared to traditional agriculture, efficient space utilization that yields more crops from less land, reduced reliance on pesticides and herbicides, and heightened protection against contaminants which ultimately reduces the risk of food recalls.

Advancing Agriculture with Automation

What sets LivFarms apart is our dedication to operating within a comprehensive automated hydroponic system that covers the entire journey from seeding and planting to the ultimate harvesting process. Our core goal is to streamline the growing process, reducing the need for extensive human interaction with the plants. We place a premium on your health and aim to minimize the risk of foodborne illness, achieved through the automation of planting, transportation, and harvesting in our state-of-the-art robotics hydroponic system. By reducing human handling within our facilities, we offer the assurance of a safer choice when you purchase LivFarms lettuce.


The Science of Flavor

LivFarms leads the way in lettuce cultivation by harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI), offering lettuce that stands head and shoulders above its soil-grown counterparts. Our advanced AI platform transforms the guessing game of traditional farming into a precise, efficient process that guarantees consistent and superior tasting lettuce. Through unceasing monitoring via state-of-the-art AI, we convert visual data into actionable insights, fine-tuning crucial factors like CO2, temperature, and nutrient levels, while meticulously managing growth parameters and microclimate conditions. The result? When you encounter LivFarms lettuce in your grocery store, you’re witnessing lettuce harvested with impeccable timing at the peak of freshness. It’s the fusion of a controlled environment and optimized inputs that sets our lettuce apart.

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Coming soon…. Step into the growing world of LivFarms! Join us in real-time as we nurture and cultivate our vibrant lettuce varieties. Witness the mesmerizing growth of our greens as they thrive under perfect conditions. Don’t miss out on this experience – tune in to our live webcam now and be a part of the journey from seed to plate!

Our Innovation Partners


At LivFarms, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration to pioneer innovation in indoor farming. That’s why we take great pride in our partnerships with industry leaders, like AgEye and HyVe, and redefining the way we cultivate our lettuce.



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