US (NE): A new hydroponics unit at Centennial Public Schools

On Oct. 20 of this year, Centennial Public Schools received a gift on its football field — not an easy win, but a sizable donation from a Nebraska-based hydroponics company called LivFarms.

LivFarms, a new Nebraska-based hydroponics farm company, donated a hydroponic research unit to Centennial Public Schools during halftime at a football. The donation was in honor of a former Centennial Public Schools teacher, Anne Anderson, who taught Luke Petersen, the co-founder of LivFarms.

Now, a few months later, students at Centennial are using the research unit to grow romaine lettuce and study plant science. Agricultural educator Holly Podliska said that it has been a big learning curve figuring out hydroponics; but knows that the Artficial Research Kart (ARK) will aid greatly in educating the FFA students at Centennial.

With the assistance from the ARK’s research and trial and error, Podliska said, she and her students have been able to figure out how to ensure that the unit’s LED grow lights and pH levels are set just right so that the lettuce seeds can germinate.


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