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Revolutionizing Lettuce with AI Driven Hydroponics: Discover the future of lettuce cultivation with LivFarms, where our AI, “Liv,” crafts each plant into a masterpiece of taste, nutrition, and freshness. Experience the pinnacle of garden-fresh flavor and extended shelf life, reducing waste and enhancing your offerings.

Elevate consumer trust with unparalleled transparency. Our unique feature allows customers to trace their lettuce from seed to store, watching a time-lapse video of its growth. This commitment to transparency fosters loyalty and positions your store as a leader in responsible retailing.

The Power of Transparency: With 72% of shoppers seeking detailed food information, and 64% willing to switch brands for better transparency, LivFarms offers a competitive edge. Capitalize on the growing demand for leafy greens, projected to surge by 23% annually, by partnering with us.

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